Get Your Honda Vehicle Ready For the Spring

Now that the winter has passed and March is here, it’s time for some spring cleaning of your Honda car. If you own a Honda vehicle you know how difficult it was to keep it out of damage during the winter. During winter, the vehicles can suffer a bit due to snow and not being used frequently. This is the reason why you need a spring car care for Honda car before you hit the road.

The total average car repair cost in the U.S. is $305.55. Of course with proper care, you can reduce the cost.

The temperature is rising and you need to prepare your Honda car for the spring. Here are a few essential spring care tips to help you breeze through your spring car cleaning:

1.    Exterior and Interior Wash

It’s not just the dust and grime that needs to be washed off your cars. During winter the cars are almost not used daily or even for weeks. This can lead to building up and the snow is another reason why you need to clean both the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

A complete car wash is what needed for getting Honda ready for the spring fun. You can either choose to wash your car at home or take them to the Honda authorized service center for more thorough cleaning.

2.    Take care of the Tires

It is now time to change those winter tires and replace them with all-season tires. For people living in colder areas where snow is frequent, snow tires work the best. They are specifically designed to provide easy driving through the snow-laden roads. Now that the spring is here you need to change them.

If your tires had been sitting all winter then it’s important that you get them checked especially the air pressure on them. As the temperature rises the pressure on the tires will increase too. Make sure the pressure on tires does not exceed the Honda’s manufacture’s limit.

3.    Check under the Hood of your Honda

Check the engine of the car. This is the most important part of the spring cleaning. During winter your Honda car may have to bear a bit of setback. Along with the engine, you also need to check other essential things like the hose, belts, vehicle coolant system and other things. One of the best ways to get your cars checked is by the professional. You may not have all detailed information on the parts. A professional help can go a long way in ensuring your car is in great condition for the spring.

It is highly advisable that you change the oil of your vehicle every 3000 miles traveled if your car is older than 10 years old.

4.    Alignment & Suspension

Spring is the perfect time to get your Honda’s alignment and suspensions in place. With the weather warming up your car will have to run on roads that are now different than the snow-laden winter. This type of checking and servicing is important for your car’s performance and your safety. 

Enjoy a smooth ride in spring in your car with the right spring car care for Honda.

5.    Check the Brakes

Disc brake mechanism of your Honda vehicle is one of the most important parts of it. Winter can be a very challenging time and it can make your braking system a bit rusty. Driving in winter and snow can put a lot of strain on the brakes and if you haven’t got them checked yet then spring is the perfect time to do it.  Get them checked by technicians who will ensure that your brake caliper sliders are moving freely and are well lubricated. 

Brakes are very important for the efficiency and safety of your vehicle. Your car's braking system will work efficiently for 25,000 to 50,000 miles. If you hear any screeching sound then you will need to replace it.

So make sure that before you hit the road with your Honda vehicle, the brakes are in perfect condition.

6.    Check the Wipers

Wipers are again very essential for the vehicles. They work in rain, in summer, in winter, in snow and every time of the year. Whether you want to repel water or snow or dust, the wipers can do it all. The springtime is perfect for you to get the wipers checked and even replaced if needed.

The winter can be a bit harsh on the wiper blades with all the snow building up on them. It should not come as surprise if they wear down a bit. But, there is nothing to worry about. Just get them serviced and it will be all new again.



So, these are some of the suggestions for your spring car care for Honda. If you love your vehicle then keep them in great condition with regular servicing. Spring cleaning is one of the best ways to give your Honda a facelift and get it ready for the new season.





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