Honda Safety Features

Vehicle safety is an important aspect to which most car buyers usually focus on when searching for automobiles. This is because getting a safer vehicle ensures that the driver and the other car occupants will not incur serious injuries in the event of an accident or collision. Due to this, many car manufacturers are making sure that they are installing the latest and greatest safety features available before releasing that vehicle to the market.

Honda is considered as one of the most dedicated vehicle manufacturers in spending time and money in order to explore more advanced technologies to make their cars safer. This company has even intensified its research and development programs to produce future technologies that would reduce vehicle related accidents. Due to these efforts, Honda is considered to be one of the industry’s leading manufacturers in terms of safety.

In order to obtain a better understanding of what Honda does to make their cars the safest vehicles in the industry, the article below will provide some of highlights of their latest safety systems.

Honda’s Safety Commitment

Honda Safety FeaturesHonda’s safety commitment revolves around providing greater emphasis on road safety. This commitment is not only confined to protecting drivers and occupants of Honda-made cars, but also to the occupants of other vehicles and pedestrians that are involved in accidents with a Honda vehicle.

Due to this commitment, Honda’s engineers and designers are devoting a lot of time in developing vehicles with advanced features and safety designs to ensure the best protection. This is why Honda has made their safety equipment and technologies a standard feature in all vehicles that they release to the market. As a result, Honda quickly became known as the safest car manufacturer in the automotive industry.

Latest Safety Systems from Honda

Driven by its commitment to provide safer vehicles, Honda continues to focus on developing the most effective ways to reduce the occurrence of accidents as well as limiting serious injury in the event of a collision. Some of Honda’s vehicle safety systems are described below.

1. Airbag Innovation

“One of Honda’s existing vehicle safety programs is its Airbag Innovation. This system focuses on continuously improving the airbags of each vehicle produced by Honda. This program also involves the studying of other car manufacturers systems and how their system could be used in providing better protection for Honda’s drivers.”

Honda Safety Features

As of present, Honda takes pride of its latest airbag mechanism. This feature is capable of sensing the presence of a child or small passenger in the front seat that might block the path of the airbag when released. This sensor also stops the airbag from launching until the vehicle occupant returns to the appropriate position. This prevents the occurrence of injuries to the passenger which would be caused by the improper deployment of the airbag.

This mechanism is made possible by the Occupant Position Detection System. This sensor is attached to the front-passenger seat and is exclusively offered by Honda. This technology is not required by the federal government, but Honda includes this as a standard safety feature. This is a clear manifestation of the company’s commitment to vehicle and occupant safety.

In addition to this, the side curtain airbags of all Honda vehicles are using the “smart fold” technology that allows the airbag to launch directly along the car’s window to protect passengers who are out-of position.

2. Collision Compatibility

Honda Safety Features

“Aside from the emphasis put on continuously improving the airbags, Honda has also invented the Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE). The ACE has allowed the creation of a unique body design that reduces the harsh effects of vehicle size mismatch in the event of collision.”

What the design does is that it spreads out the force generated from a frontal collision through the vehicle’s two side frame rails. Due to the spreading of the impact force into sides of the car, the concentration of the energy that might cause injuries to the driver and front passenger is eliminated. This mechanism also helps the occupants of other vehicles involved in a frontal collision from sustaining injuries caused by the frontal impact.

3. Pedestrian Protection

Honda Safety Features
To reduce the negative effects of accidental collision with pedestrians, Honda has also started developing vehicles with advanced hood and wiper designs. These designs were built to provide a cushion to pedestrians when struck by a Honda. The material used in these parts of the car is capable of giving way when the pedestrian makes contact with these areas. As a result, the occurrence of fatal injuries, including the pedestrian’s head is minimized.

4. Active Safety

“Honda’s Active Safety is also one of the company’s most important safety systems. The Active Safety system allows every Honda vehicle to have more precise steering and quicker more effective braking mechanisms. In addition to this, Active Safety system ensures that all Honda cars are stable even when driven on challenging road conditions.

Honda Safety Features

The Active Safety system includes several features such as the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). These features improve the handling and running performance of Honda cars. Thus, Honda’s are safer compared to other vehicle makes.

5. Passive Safety

Honda Safety Features

To maximize safety, Honda continues to improve their vehicles’ Passive Safety mechanisms. The Passive Safety system includes the airbags, head restraints, and seat-belts that keep the car occupants safe in the event of collision.

As of the present, the Passive Safety system takes pride of its use of the Dual Stage, Multiple Threshold Front Airbags. These airbags only deploy when a sufficient force caused by a frontal impact is generated. This type of airbag also inflates at rates that depend on the force of the crash. Thus, the possibility of injuries caused by excessive force of the airbag deployment is eliminated.

In addition to this, the head restraints of all Honda vehicles reduce the occurrence of neck injuries. The three-point seat-belts are also equipped with an automatic tension system that adjusts the force that tightens the seat-belts, depending on the severity of the impact.


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