Honda – The Safest Cars in the Industry

Vehicle safety is an important aspect to which most car buyers usually focus on when searching for automobiles. This is because getting a safer vehicle ensures that the driver and the other car occupants will not incur serious injuries in the event of an accident or collision. Due to this, many car manufacturers are making sure that they are installing the latest and greatest safety features available before releasing that vehicle to the market.

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2018 Honda Accord EX Sedan - York PA

2018 Honda Accord EX Sedan is one of the best models of Honda which has all the latest and upgraded features. It ensures optimal functionality and is a sure-shot fuel-efficient vehicle. This Honda Accord carries a classy look.  At Apple Honda, you can get the best deals. 

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Top 3 Reasons to Pick a Honda Model for Car Shoppers

Honda is one of the most well-known and acknowledged brands in the automobile industry. Car buyers often find themselves relying on Honda time and again. Even though the market has a lot of competition, Honda perpetually remains at the top.  The fact that the brand not only stands out in its respective segments but also display leadership in advancements, and innovation.  



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How to Keep Your Vehicle in Best Condition

Regular maintenance of a car is essential for keeping it efficient and its performance at an optimal level. If you have bought a new car and don’t have much idea on how to maintain it then learning some necessary maintenance skills can help you here.

It’s true that the cars that are regularly serviced and maintained perform well and stay effective for a long time. Lack of regular maintenance can be very damaging to your car. The car owners who do not service their cars regularly usually have to spend money on heavy repair and replacement cost. So…

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Starting from the seventies, the Accord has been the defining midsize sedan for Honda. Today, the Accord proudly enters its tenth generation as a fresh entry in the constantly competitive market segment. As the Accord is one of Honda’s bestsellers, the company made sure to really go all in with this generation. With an all-new design and numerous improvements over previous generation, this sedan will be a strong contender on the US market. So, what does the new Accord bring and what are its strongest selling points? Buckle up, and let us guide you through the all-new midsize Honda…

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Looking at the market trends, it seems minivans as a class are giving way to SUVs of all shapes and sizes, but not if you ask Honda. The 2018 Odyssey is a truly superb offering that will make you reconsider all decisions when it comes to buying safe, comfortable and luxurious family transport. Now in its fifth generation in the United States, this minivan is a rare ray of light for the whole segment. As such, the Odyssey has been thoroughly redesigned not only to follow all the trends, but to set them too.


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2018 Honda Odyssey York PA

You are going to love the 2018 Honda Odyssey. It is a representation of the most distinguished style and captivating technology coupled with advanced features that promises to provide you the most comfortable ride ever.

The new 2018 Honda Odyssey is designed for families. It’s an excellent option for families looking for a great and comfortable ride at the best price.

The Honda Odyssey comes with many features and benefits that make it one of the best choices for the minivans and SUVs. Parents who have small kids will love this car. It has everything a parent can desire…

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Get Your Honda Vehicle Ready For the Spring

Now that the winter has passed and  it’s time for some spring cleaning of your Honda car. If you own a Honda vehicle you know how difficult it was to keep it out of damage during the winter. During winter, the vehicles can suffer a bit due to snow and not being used frequently. This is the reason why you need a spring car care for Honda car before you hit the road.

Here are the six useful tips for spring car care for your Honda from our experts at Apple Honda.






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The Honda CR-V

One of the most popular and reliable car manufacturers in the automotive industry right now is Honda.  One of Honda’s most famous models is the Civic. However, Honda has also extended into the production of the sport-utility vehicle or SUV. At present, Honda’s premiere SUV is the CR-V. The CR-V was originally built as a compact station wagon, but as the years have gone by, this vehicle has gradually transformed into a crossover and is currently sold to car finders in markets throughout the globe.


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