Once you have your ideal vehicle, it's in your best interest to keep it well maintained. Taking on car maintenance can be a hassle, but it doesn't have to be when you recruit a qualified team for the task. Our Express Service Center at Apple Honda of York has a team of highly qualified service technicians who are prepared to care for your vehicle at your convenience. Learn more about our opportune vehicle maintenance services so that you can care for your vehicle without interrupting your busy schedule.

Visit Without an Appointment

Honda CR-V by Amit Agarwal is licensed with CC BY 2.0

Does finding an exact time to take your car in for maintenance sound like your worst nightmare? When you choose to bring your vehicle to our Honda Express Service Center at Apple Honda of York, you never have to commit to a specific time to get basic vehicle maintenance.

We operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so you can show up whenever is most convenient for you. Drop by when you finish work early, after you pick up your kids from school, or early in the morning before everyone else gets the same idea. We also have convenient weekend and evening hours so that you can come by whenever you're available. With our no-appointment system, we work efficiently and strive to get you back on the road and on with your day without any hiccups.

Get Access to Multiple Vehicle Maintenance Services

Upon arriving at our Express Service Center, you'll have the option to request multiple vehicle services. For example, you can get an oil and filter change that comes with a 21-point courtesy inspection. We only offer this service to Honda vehicles, as our technicians have received Honda-specific training for these maintenance tasks.

You can also request a tire rotation for your car or truck. Our technicians perform this service safely and efficiently so that you can enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride and improve the grip your tires have on the road for a safer driving experience. Once you get a tire rotation and oil change, we'll recommend that you come back after you hit a certain number of miles to ensure you remain on top of these services.

Customers also visit our Express Service Center for the installation of windshield wiper inserts so that they can protect their windshields and increase visibility on the road. Other quick services to consider include the replacement of engine air filters and heating and air conditioning micron air filters.

If you need a new battery for your vehicle, our express service technicians can perform the installation for you. We install 100-month Honda standard batteries and perform a check of your vehicle's starting and charging systems. The batteries are available at varying prices depending on your vehicle model, but they're always affordable and reliable for the long term.

Drive-Up-to-the-Door Service

After a long day at work, the last thing you probably feel like doing is finding a parking spot and walking up to the door to request vehicle maintenance. When you visit our Express Service Center at Apple Honda of York, you don't have to battle it out for a parking spot or break a sweat walking up to our doors. Instead, we offer drive-up-to-the-door service.

Upon arriving at our location, you can drive right up to the door of our Express Service Center. Here, one of our friendly technicians will greet you. They'll take your car to the maintenance area, and you can head inside to the comfortable waiting area while the technicians complete the services you request.

Take Advantage of Daily and Weekly Specials

Who doesn't love a good sale? When you visit our Honda Express Service Center, you can take advantage of daily and weekly specials. Even with our competitive pricing, we still think it's important to reward our customers with great savings. We update our specials regularly to give our customers access to a variety of savings, so be sure to ask about what discounts we have going on during your visit.

Complimentary Car Wash and Multi-Point Inspection

When you visit our Express Service Center, our team offers a couple of complimentary services. For example, we offer all Express Service Center customers a complimentary car wash. When you bring in your vehicle, we help you feel just as good about its exterior as its inner mechanisms. You can drive away from your service visit with a shiny vehicle and get on with your day while feeling good about how it looks.

With whatever express service you request, our team also offers a free multi-point inspection. This multi-point inspection can help quell any worries you have about your vehicle's performance. If we find anything out of the ordinary during this inspection, we'll let you know and help you devise a plan so that you can address the issue at our main service center. Otherwise, we'll give you the "OK" to drive off with full confidence in how your vehicle is operating.

Trust Our Experienced Technicians

When you bring your vehicle in for express services, you'll have trustworthy technicians performing the necessary maintenance. The technicians at our Express Service Center have the same certifications, training, and experience as the ones who work at our main service center. They have also received special training in specific tools, equipment, and techniques to complete quick service to a high standard. They always listen to your needs and concerns, and they use Honda-approved parts and methods for all maintenance services. Here at our Express Service Center, we believe in standardizing our work according to Honda's caliber.

It's always the perfect time to get your Honda vehicle the attention it deserves, so be sure to bring it to our dealership at Apple Honda of York on Kenneth Road. Our experienced technicians will help you select the services your car or truck needs, and we'll perform a thorough inspection to ensure that your vehicle is operating at its prime.

Express oil and filter 
with 21-point courtesy inspection
Standard Oil
Honda Vehicles Only
*Taxes and Fees extra 
 Tire Rotation
Cars & Trucks
 Windshield Wiper Inserts
 $39.99 pair
 100 Month Honda Standard Battery
includes check of starting and charging systems
*Prices vary by model
 Engine Air  Filter Replacement
*Starting at price

 Heating & Air Conditioning Micron Air Filters
*Starting at price

 Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection  FREE